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  • Items Manufacturing Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Layer count 1 - 32 layers Quantity of copper layers on the board /
    Impedance For 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 layers PCB, PCB Stackup designed by PCBWDX(by default), or PCB Stackup designed by customers Layer Stackup Structure
    Impedance Calculation Parameter
    Impedance tolerance ±10% / /
    Material FR-4 FR-4: TG130/TG150/TG170
    PCB material dielectric constant 4.2 Prepreg dielectric constant (prepregtype: 7628/1080/2313/2116, dielectric constant: 4.2) /
    Max. dimension 1-2 layers: 500*600mm
    4-20 layers: 400*500mm
    The maximum dimension that
    PCBWDX can do
    Min. dimension Length and width ≥10mm Min. dimension = 10*10mm /
    Dimension tolerance CNC: ±0.15mm, V-CUT: ±0.2mm ±0.15mm for CNC routing,
    and ±0.2mm for V-scoring
    PCB thickness 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.2mm The thickness of finished board
    Thickness tolerance
    ( Thickness≥1.0mm)
    ±10% e.g. If the board thickness is 1.6mm, the finished board thickness ranges from 1.44mm(1.6-1.6×10%) to 1.76mm(1.6+1.6×10%) /
    Thickness tolerance
    ( Thickness < 1.0mm)
    ±0.1mm e.g. If the board thickness is 0.8mm, the finished board thickness ranges from 0.7mm(0.8-0.1) to 0.9mm(0.8+0.1) /
    Finished copper weight 1 oz/2 oz Finished copper weight of outer layer could be 1 oz/2 oz
    Inner copper weight 0.5 oz/1 oz/2 oz Finished copper weight of inner layer could be 0.5 oz/1 oz/2 oz
    Surface finish HASL/Lead free HASL/ENIG/OSP / /
    HDI structure Rank 1 /Rank 2 /Rank 3 Mechanical blind buried vias or laser blind buried vias(electroplating Via-filling is available) or laser blind vias filling dimple ≤ 15µm /
    Electrical test Flying Probe/Special test fixture No limits for Flying Probe. Max. 14000 Pads can be tested by PCB test fixture /
    Beveling angle of gold finger 20°/30°/45°/60° / /
    Beveling angle tolerance of gold finger ±5° / /
    Beveling depth tolerance of gold finger ±0.1mm / /
    Outline tolerance ±0.15mm / /
    V-CUT angle 30°/45°/60° / /
    Number of V-CUT ≤30 cuts / /
    V-CUT outline size 55mm ≤ length/width ≤ 480mm / /
    V-CUT residue thickness 0.25mm ≤ v-cut residue thickness ≤ 0.4mm / /
  • Items Manufacturing Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Drill hole size(Mechanical) 0.15-6.5mm Min. drill hole size: 0.15mm(available for PCB thickness ≤ 1.2mm) Max. diameter of drilling bits is 6.5mm(contact support@PCBWDX.com if your customed hole size > 6.5mm)
    Drill hole size tolerance ≤0.05mm / /
    Blind/Buried vias Mechanical blind buried vias: copper thickness of blind vias ≥ 20µm /
    Laser blind buried vias: dimple ≤ 10µm /
    Via pad size ≥0.1 The pad hole size will be enlarged 0.125mm in production
    PTH hole size 0.2mm (for single side) The annular ring size will be enlarged to 0.2mm in production
    Min. non-plated holes 0.4mm /
    Min. plated slots 0.5mm /
    Min. non-plated slots 0.5mm /
    Min. castellated holes 0.5mm The minimum diameter of castellated holes is 0.50mm
    Hole size tolerance(Plated) ±0.075mm e.g. If customed Plated hole size is 1.000mm, the finished hole size could be between 0.925mm to 1.075mm
    Hole size Tolerance(Non-Plated) ±0.05mm e.g. If customed Non-Plated hole size is 1.000mm, the finished hole size could be between 0.95mm to 1.05mm
    Rectangle hole/Slot With or without fillet angle /
  • Items Manufacturing Capabilities Notes Patterns
    1 oz Copper 3.5mil (single side) (3.5mil≈0.09mm) /
    2 oz Copper 4.5mil (single side) (4.5mil≈0.11mm) /
  • Items Manufacturing Capabilities Patterns
    Hole to hole clearance(Different nets) ≥12mil(Avoid conductive anodic filament)(12mil≈0.30mm)
    Via to via clearance(Same nets) ≥8mil (8mil≈0.20mm)
    SMD pad to SMD pad clearance(Pad without hole, different nets) ≥0.15mm
    Pad to pad clearance(Pad with hole, different nets) ≥0.40mm
    Via to track ≥7mil (7mil≈0.18mm)
    PTH to track ≥9mil (9mil≈0.23mm)
    NPTH to track ≥8mil (8mil≈0.20mm)
    SMD pad to track ≥4mil (4mil≈0.10mm)
  • Copper weight Min. trace width Min. spacing Patterns
    H/HOZ(0.5oz Inner layer) 2.5mil (2.5mil≈0.06mm) 3mil (3mil≈0.08mm)
    1 oz(Outer layer) 3mil (3mil≈0.08mm) 3mil (3mil≈0.08mm)
    2 oz(Outer layer) 5.5mil (5.5mil≈0.14mm) 5.5mil (5.5mil≈0.14mm)
  • Layer count Min. BGA pad dimensions Min. distance between BGA Min. spacing between the center of two BGAs Patterns
    1 oz ≥0.2mm 0.15mm 0.45mm
  • Items Manufacturing Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Solder mask opening/expansion ≥1.5mil (1.5mil≈0.04mm) There should be a minimum size of 1.5mil "solder mask opening" around the pad to allow for any misregistration
    Solder bridge Green: 3.5mil
    Black/White: 5mil
    other solder mask: 4mil
    To build solder bridge, the spacing between copper pads edge must be 3.5mils or more
    Solder mask color Green/Red/Yellow/Blue/White/ Matte Black/Black / /
    Solder mask dielectric constant 3.5 / /
    Solder mask thickness Solder mask thickness on base material: 0.8mil, solder mask thickness on copper: 0.6mil / /
  • Items Manufacturing Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Minimum line width Silkscreen printing≥5mil

    Printer printing≥3mil
    Characters width < 3mil(0.076mm)
    will be unidentifiable
    Minimum text height Silkscreen printing≥30mil (30mil≈0.76mm)

    Printer printing≥24mil (24mil≈0.61mm)
    Characters height < 24mil(0.61mm) will be unidentifiable
    Character width to height ratio ≥ 6:1 The preferred ratio of width to height is 6:1 /
    Pad to silkscreen >6mil (6mil≈0.15mm) The minimum distance between pad and silkscreen is 0.15mm
  • Items Manufacturing Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Trace to outline ≥0.2mm Individual board(Rounting): Trace to Outline ≥ 0.2mm
    Trace to V-cut line ≥0.4mm Panel board with V-scoring: Trace to V-cut line ≥0.4mm
  • Items Manufacturing Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Panelization without space 0mm No space between panelized PCBs
    Panelization with space ≥1.6mm The space between panelized PCBs should ≥ 1.6mm, if not, the routing process may be difficult and low efficiency
    Panelized round board ≥80mmx80mm Stamp Hole: hole size=0.5mm, copper gap=0.35mm, 5-7holes for a set by default
    Panelized castellated holes board Panelize with stamp holes and add tooling strips on four board edges The distance between castellated hole and board corner should be > 4mm

    Recommended diameter of stamp hole is 0.5mm-0.8mm

    Recommended distance between the two stamp holes is 0.2mm-0.3mm
    Min. width of breakaway tab ≥4mm The minimum width of breakaway tab is 4mm. For breakaway with mouse-bites, the minimum width is 5mm
    Min. edge rails ≥3mm If you choose panel by PCBWDX, we will add 3mm edge rails on both sides by default
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