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WDXPCB High TG (glass transition temperature) PCB refers to a type of printed circuit board that is designed to withstand high temperatures without losing its mechanical or electrical properties. The temperature point at which the material transitions from a rigid solid to a softer, more flexible state.

High TG PCBs are typically made from materials such as FR4 with a high glass transition temperature (usually above 170°C), which allows them to withstand the high temperatures generated during soldering processes or in harsh operating environments. This makes them suitable for use in applications where the PCB may be subjected to elevated temperatures, such as automotive, aerospace, or industrial electronics.

The high TG PCBs offer improved thermal stability, better dimensional stability, reduced moisture absorption, and increased resistance to thermal stress and cracking compared to standard PCBs. They can also provide better electrical performance, such as lower signal loss and improved signal integrity at high frequencies.

Overall, high TG PCBs are essential for applications that require reliable performance in high-temperature environments, ensuring the long-term functionality and durability of electronic devices.

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