High Quality Rogers PCB Custom Design
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High Quality Rogers PCB Custom Design

High Quality Rogers PCB is a high quality printed circuit board made using Rogers materials. This PCB features high-frequency signal transmission, low dissipative losses, and excellent thermal stability. It is precision machined and rigorously tested for use in areas such as wireless communications, radio frequency electronics, and microwave applications. High Quality Rogers PCBs provide stable and reliable electrical performance and help improve the performance and reliability of electronic products. It is often used in demanding circuit design and manufacturing projects, and is one of the first choices of various electronic equipment manufacturers.


Rogers PCBs are a class of high-frequency printed circuit boards, built using laminate materials manufactured by Rogers Corporation. The inherent properties of Rogers laminates, such as low dielectric loss and high thermal conductivity, make them ideal for applications requiring excellent performance in high frequency ranges. Our Rogers PCBs promise superior precision, stability, and reliability in challenging environments, a perfect solution for designers seeking performance beyond what traditional FR-4 materials can provide.


Here are the strengths and features of our Rogers PCB:

High Frequency Performance: Rogers PCB are specifically designed for high-frequency applications. They provide lower dielectric loss, which ensures the integrity of the signal at high frequencies.

Thermal Management: Rogers PCB have superior thermal conductivity, leading to excellent heat dissipation. This makes them ideal for applications where heat management is crucial.

Dimensional Stability: Rogers PCB materials exhibit superior dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures, making them reliable and consistent in performance.

Low Moisture Absorption: Rogers PCB have a lower rate of moisture absorption, making them suitable for challenging environmental conditions.

Wide Range of Applications: Rogers PCB are used in advanced industries like aerospace, defense, and telecommunications, especially in high frequency and broadband applications.

Environmental Compliance: Our Rogers PCB are RoHS compliant, ensuring that they adhere to environmental safety standards.

Parameter NameDescription
MaterialRogers (Various series like RO4003, RO4350 etc.)
Layer countSingle layer, Multilayer
Board thickness0.1mm to 6.5mm
Copper thickness0.5 OZ to 10 OZ
Min Trace/Space3mil/3mil (depends on specific material type)
Min Hole Size0.15mm
Surface FinishingHASL, ENIG, Immersion silver, OSP etc.
Solder MaskGreen, Black, Blue, White, Red, Yellow etc.
SilkscreenWhite, Black, Yellow etc.
Max Panel Size600mm x 700mm
Dielectric Constant (Dk)Depends on specific material type
Thermal ConductivityDepends on specific material type
Temperature RatingUp to 220°C, depends on specific material type
ComplianceRoHS, UL certified, ISO Certified

Here are specific application scenarios where Rogers PCB are commonly used:

High-Frequency Communication: Rogers PCB are widely utilized in high-frequency communication systems, such as satellite communication, wireless networks, radar systems, and microwave devices.

Aerospace and Defense: Rogers PCB find extensive applications in the aerospace and defense industries for critical systems like avionics, radar systems, missile guidance, and electronic warfare equipment.

Automotive Electronics: Rogers PCB are employed in automotive electronics for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment systems, GPS modules, and other high-frequency applications that require reliable performance in harsh environments.

Wireless Power Transfer: Rogers PCB are used in wireless power transfer systems, including wireless charging pads for smartphones, electric vehicles, and other wireless power transmission devices.

Medical Equipment: Rogers PCB are essential components in medical equipment like MRI machines, X-ray systems, diagnostic devices, and monitoring equipment, ensuring precise and reliable operation.

Industrial Applications: Rogers PCB are widely used in industrial applications, including robotics, automation systems, high-frequency test equipment, and sensors, where high reliability and stable performance are critical.

Q: How do Rogers PCB compare to standard FR-4 PCB in terms of performance?

A: Rogers PCBs offer superior performance compared to standard FR-4 PCBs, especially in high-frequency applications. They provide lower dielectric loss, higher thermal conductivity, and improved signal integrity, resulting in reduced signal loss, better impedance control, and enhanced overall performance.

Q: Can Rogers PCB be used for microwave applications?

A: Yes, Rogers PCBs are well-suited for microwave applications. Their low loss tangent and high-frequency performance make them ideal for microwave circuits, including satellite communication, radar systems, and microwave devices.

Q: Are Rogers PCB suitable for miniaturized electronic devices?

A: Absolutely. Rogers PCBs are excellent choices for miniaturized electronic devices due to their ability to handle high frequencies and support high-density interconnects. They allow for compact designs without sacrificing performance.

Q: Can Rogers PCB handle high-power applications?

A: Yes, Rogers PCBs have high thermal conductivity, allowing them to effectively dissipate heat generated in high-power applications. They are commonly used in power amplifiers, RF modules, and other high-power electronic devices.

Q: Are Rogers PCB compatible with lead-free soldering processes?

A: Yes, Rogers PCBs are compatible with lead-free soldering processes. They can withstand the higher temperatures required for lead-free soldering, making them suitable for use in environmentally friendly and RoHS-compliant assemblies.


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