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WDXPCB HDI PCB stands for High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board. It is a type of PCB that is designed to have high circuit density and increased functionality in a compact form factor. HDI PCBs are used in various applications such as mobile devices, telecommunications, medical equipment, and automotive electronics.

The main characteristic of HDI PCBsis their ability to incorporate high density and fine pitch components, such as BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays) and microvias. Microvias are tiny holes drilled by lasers that enable the connection between different layers of the PCB, allowing for more complex and compact designs.

HDI PCBs usually have multiple layers and can have blind vias, buried vias, and microvias. Blind vias connect an outer layer of the PCB to one or more inner layers, while buried vias connect inner layers without being visible from the outer layers. Microvias are used to connect multiple inner layers and achieve high-density routing.

The advantages of HDI PCBs include reduced size and weight, increased circuit density, improved signal integrity, and better thermal management. However, they also come with some challenges in terms of manufacturing complexity and cost.

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