Metal Core PCB
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Metal Core PCB

A metal core PCB, also known as a metal-backed PCB or MCPCB, is a type of printed circuit board that uses a metal core as its base material instead of the traditional FR4 material used in conventional PCBs.

Metal core PCBs offer several advantages over standard PCBs, including better heat dissipation due to the metal core acting as a heat sink, improved reliability in high-temperature applications, and enhanced mechanical strength.

Metal core PCBs are ideal for applications where heat dissipation is critical, such as LED lighting, power electronics, automotive lighting, motor drive circuits, and high-power RF amplifiers.

The most commonly used metal cores in metal core PCBs are aluminum, copper, and steel. Aluminum offers excellent thermal conductivity, while copper provides better electrical conductivity. Steel cores are less common but offer higher mechanical strength.


Metal Core PCB utilizes a unique composition of a metal core layer, typically aluminum, which acts as a superior heat sink. This innovative design ensures efficient thermal conductivity and allows for heat to dissipate quickly, resulting in a cooler operating temperature. With our Metal Core PCB, you can finally say goodbye to overheating issues and experience enhanced performance and reliability in your electronics.


In conclusion, Metal Core PCB is a revolutionary product that promises to transform the electronic industry. By addressing the challenges of heat dissipation and high power density, it enables electronic devices to perform at their peak potential, even in demanding environments. With enhanced durability and reliability, as well as significant thermal management advantages, our Metal Core PCB is the ultimate solution for your electronic needs. Embrace the future of PCB technology with Metal Core PCB, and unlock a new level of performance and efficiency for your electron

Superior Heat Dissipation: 

Our Metal Core PCB boasts excellent thermal conductivity, allowing heat to transfer efficiently and be dissipated rapidly. This feature ensures that your electronic devices can function optimally, even under the most demanding conditions.

Enhanced Durability: 

The metal core layer of our Metal Core PCB provides an unmatched level of strength and durability, making it ideal for applications where reliability is paramount. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and repairs; our Metal Core PCB can withstand harsh operating environments and continue to perform flawlessly.

Higher Power Density: 

As electronic devices continue to evolve, the demand for higher power density increases. Metal Core PCB caters to this need by offering a higher power density capability, enabling electronics to handle and deliver power effectively and efficiently.


Metal Core PCB is designed to accommodate a wide range of electronic applications. Whether you are working with LED lighting, power converters, automotive systems, or any high-power electronic devices, Metal Core PCB can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Compact Design: 

Staying true to our commitment to innovation, our Metal Core PCB allows for compact circuit designs. The high thermal conductivity of the metal core layer enables the efficient dissipation of heat while maintaining a small form factor.


Q:Can metal core PCBs be used in high-frequency applications?

A:Yes, metal core PCBs can be used in high-frequency applications. They can be designed with appropriate dielectric materials and control impedance to allow for the transmission of high-frequency signals.

Q: Are metal core PCBs more expensive than standard FR4 PCBs?

A.Metal core PCBs are generally more expensive than FR4 PCBs due to the cost of the metal core material and the specific thermal management requirements. However, the long-term benefits and improved performance in certain applications justify the additional cost.

Q: Are metal core PCBs difficult to fabricate?

A:Metal core PCBs require specialized fabrication techniques compared to standard PCBs. The metal core must be properly bonded with the dielectric and copper layers, and thermal management considerations must be carefully addressed during the manufacturing process.

Q: Can I assemble components on a metal core PCB?

A:Yes, components can be easily assembled on a metal core PCB using standard surface mount or through-hole techniques, similar to conventional PCB assembly processes.

Q: Are metal core PCBs environmentally friendly?

A:Metal core PCBs can be environmentally friendly if they are manufactured using non-toxic materials and the metal core can be properly recycled at the end of the product's life cycle. However, certain metal cores, such as steel, may pose environmental concerns, and appropriate disposal or recycling methods should be followed.

Q: Can metal core PCBs be customized?

A:Yes, metal core PCBs can be customized based on specific design requirements. Manufacturers can offer various metal core thicknesses, dielectric materials, copper thicknesses, and surface finishes to meet the unique needs of different applications


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